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T&T Services, Inc.

1587 Christian Hills Dr.

Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Tel: (248) 609-0346
Fax: (248) 609-0347
Providing Marketing & Technical Direct Sales of Control, Safety, & Automation Components to Michigan Manufacturing

Recora Incorporated is located in Batavia, Illinois in a new 55,000-sq. ft. facility and is a privately held company.


Recora pressure sensitive mats, safety light curtains, ribbon switches, treadle pads, controllers and custom switches have successfully serviced the market providing rugged reliability and outstanding quality. For a growing number of operations, electronic safety mats have become an adaptable solution for machine guarding. Assembly machines, robotic welding and continuous assembly production lines are just a few of the numerous applications for presence sensing matting. The Recora product line services the industrial, medical, car wash and consumer markets.


To learn more about Recora and their products, please contact us or click on the Recora logo to connect with their website.

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